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 The Red Man(Poetry)

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Red Blaze
Red Blaze

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PostSubject: The Red Man(Poetry)   Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:27 am

The Red Man sits with fiery malice
His only thoughts are grim and callous
And so he takes his sordid chalice
His look now darker than before

As he makes his way, filled with vice
To his enemy sworn to pay the price
His will it seems is cold as ice
When he passes through thy darkened door

His victim shall put up no fight
When met by this bold acolyte
For he must face eternal night
And walk these noble lands no more

As the traveler breaks the status quo
He does so look upon his foe
This scene is a stately scene of aggro
His man lies motionless on the floor

Through the chalice he may awaken
To his fate he must be taken
To the land of the forsaken
For what fate he cannot be sure

To the netherworld the man is sent
To Lucifer he makes lament
But for his deeds he cannot repent
This end he shall not adore

And so The Red Man sits once more
His thoughts still filled with darkened lore
As he looks upon his sordid chalice
In his darkened palace of yore
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The Red Man(Poetry)
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