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 Another one of my Poems

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PostSubject: Another one of my Poems   Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:34 pm

A tip to the cold: "Remember; If he or she died after writting "I love You" on the wall in blood...then you will never understand the word "Love" because it's a word not known to your heart to understand. Your twisted soul won't accept it's meaning therefore when you do you will feel the pain of the one who died for you."

"I'll see you later....in the cold rain."

All who ally with the Demon shall be marked an enemy, and I will drag their souls down into the depths of Hell. Although they may be my loved ones, I wish all darkness for them, and may Death pry them from the Earth before my tainted black soul haunts them for all eternity.

Tell that long-tounged liar, tell that midnight rider, tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter; tell'em that I'm gonna gun'em down.
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Another one of my Poems
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