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 The Legend of Infini

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PostSubject: The Legend of Infini   The Legend of Infini Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 10:21 am

The Legend of Infini: PART 1
“The Legend of Infini”
‘Over 10,000 years ago, there was an evil man named Ragarnok. He was feared aooooo all Japan because he was thought to be the most powerful of all samurais. Unfortunately, he used his power for evil, he destroyed towns and murdered innocent people, he even destroyed children and animals lives without any mercy or hesitation.
Ragarnok probably had enough treasure to let himself live the good life, but his greed wouldn’t let him stop he needed one more treasure, the Ifini Stone; it would give Ragarnok infinite life.
However, the stone was heavily guarded, so Ragarnok knew he would have to at least use some of his energy. The next day Ragarnok set out to the legendary Shaginon Temple. The Shaginon Temple was a gigantic stone-grey structure. Its name was aooooo the top. It stood where Tokyo stands moderately. The town that that was built around the temple was quite large. The town had great economic standards. Slipping threw the buildings tight security, Ragarnok successively made it to the room where the sacred gem was kept. There were three guards surrounding the gem which was parched on a stone platform with hay under it. The guards had there blades out of their sheaths, so they must of known Ragarnok was at large and in the area.
Moving very quickly, Ragarnok hopped down from the ceiling of the temple and swiped the stone, as legend says Ragarnok swung down an old man and landed a young powerful man. Before the guards could react Ragarnok, had already removed his blade out of its sheath. He then sliced all three of the guards’ heads off. Then he let out a horrific laugh and according to legend, everyone knew Ragarnok’s evil laugh. It could be heard all throughout the temple and the town. Everyone in town knew Ragarnok was in their presence, the guards knew that Ragarnok was in their territory, they knew what Ragarnok was there for. THE INFINI STONE. Ragarnok started towards the exit to the room when he was confronted by at least 10 men.
“We are people of peace in this establishment,” said one of the guards reaching for his blade. “We do not wish to fight, but we will protect our citizens, three you have already killed. Now put the stone down and we may spare you,” said the warrior monk putting his sword up in Ragarnok’s direction. “HAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHAAA that’s funny. I’ll tell you what, after I kill every living thing in this pathetic town, I’ll hang your heads just to show that you were lucky enough to actually be one of the first to be killed by my greatness,” roared Ragarnok assuringly to the men in front of him.
“You are the devil!” cried the man in the front of the group. Then he charged Ragarnok. The warrior monk seemed to be more experienced and older than the other monks.
Ragarnok blocked his strike. “WHAAAAA…!” cried the elder monk. Ragarnok only said one word: “DIE” He sliced through the monk with his well-known but deadly counter attack. Blood splattered in all directions. Ragarnok hopped backwards, No blood even stained his armor. “No… you killed ELDER! HOW COULD YOU!” cried one of the men, devastated.
“Now we must truly destroy you,” said a man in the back. All the men withdrew there blades.
“Before you do that, look down heh…” said Ragarnok pointing towards the ground.
“Huh” “WHAT” the men looked down, there on the floor was a sulfur-paper bomb. “RUN!” BOOM! The bomb exploded blowing all the men around the room, all of them died instantly except one.
“Ugh… you … won’t… get… away with this…,” said the monk that was the one surviving monk of the explosion. “Hmph, you don’t know when to SHUT UP DO YOU!” cried Ragarnok throwing his blade into the monk’s stomach. The monk made a shuttering noise as Ragarnok shoved the sharp blade deeper and deeper into him until eventually the blade went through the floor under him. Then Ragarnok ripped the blade out of him, the sudden release of pressure caused blood to blast out of his stomach. Ragarnok laughed evilly and walked outside, he was greeted by hundreds of warriors who as soon as they saw him charged. Ragarnok sliced threw them one after the other, chopping limbs off their bodies or simply chopped their heads off. After moving past them, he made it to the town which was just starting to evacuate. Without hesitation he killed everyone and everything. The last two people left were a child and her mother.
“Mommy I thought you said the monks would save us?” said the young girl who must’ve only been a few years old. She was holding a doll. Then Ragarnok sliced through them too. After that, Ragarnok set fire to the village and put sulfur-paper bombs in all the stone buildings. As the explosions went off in the buildings and the fires in the city grew, Ragarnok let out an evil laugh. His blade had so much blood smeared on it, it looked as though his sword was made of a red steel of some sort. The once peaceful village had been destroyed. Where the once green sunny plains stood, there were nothing but dead, bloody bodies. Ragarnok wiped the blood from his sword with the girl’s dolls soft tissue.
“Thanks,” said Ragarnok to the dead little girl. Then he threw the doll down at the girl’s body. Snickering to himself, Ragarnok got on his horse and rode away.
As legend says, Ragarnok continued his rampage all over Japan for hundreds of years until one day; a young samurai approached the evil man. Since Ragarnok had the Infini Stone, he was still very young and powerful. The man possessed a weird weapon; it was called the MULTRICA BLADE. He and Ragarnok clashed at Mount Fuji. The battle took days as the two exchanged strikes. In the final round, both struck each other with powerful blows. A great explosion rose up into the air and formed a mushroom like shape. The people at first thought the volcano erupted while both men were fighting because they had disturbed the mountain but when the smoked cleared, no ash or lava could be spotted.
The young warrior was found a few days later dead, but his weapon was nowhere to be found. Ragarnok had completely disappeared and was never seen again. ‘THIS ISN’T OVER… RAGARNOK WILL… NOT GET AWAY WITH HIS CRIMES…”’
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Red Blaze

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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Infini   The Legend of Infini Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 10:21 am

The Legend of Infini: PART 2

Episode 2
A New Beginning
“Hey Wakashii, you gonna’ eat all of that orange by your self? How about throwing some of that juicy fruity goodness my way?” asked Vega slobbering all over him self.
“Nah, besides I’ve better idea how about you go get your own orange?” said Wakashii taking a nice luscious juicy bite out of his orange.
“What! I saw you steal that orange from that fruit peddler on Shwakii Lane!” cried Vega looking at the Wakashii angrily.
“Look I actually did work to get this orange and you want me to let you have some? Hmph, you’d be better off stealing your own fruit…” said Wakashii taking another bite out of his orange.
“I’m just saying it doesn’t hurt to share!” cried Vega getting up off of the pile of old boxes and raising his hand and balling it to a fist.
It was the year10024A.D. And it was 7000 years ago that the Earth went threw a gigantic shift, after one of the Earth’s plates shifted, It spitted a volcano from the coast of a Pacific Island. All the force from the center of the break caused a gigantic tsunami to occur. The tidal wave moved toward America at a high speed and a height of over 10000 feet. It happened so fast that no one had time to react. The wave engulfed California, most of Mexico, Washington and Oregon. Japan Who knew that this would occur before hand had all ready made alliances with China, Germany and Korea. While the Americans were in the middle of their crisis, the Japanese flew aooooo the ocean towards America dropping bombs on Hawaii and the coast of America. At the same time the Atlantic coast of America was bombarded by the Germans and the Soviet Union. Finally, America fell. However, the British and other of the United Nations fought back.
Unfortunately the Japanese Created a weapon that could absorb energy from the atmosphere and create very powerful energy rays. Showing the world its power by destroying the state of Wyoming, the United Nations surrendered.
A few years later, the Chinese became annoyed that Japan could control everything with their weapon and insisted that Japan should share their technology with their allies. Japan grew angry and decided to destroy there allies. Within a few months Japan had taken over Earth.
However, Japan promised to take care of all races.
It was a sunny and busy day in Tokyo Square. As the markets flourished, low-lifes tried to steal food from peddlers.Wakashii and Vega hung out in an old alley, which was located on Shwakii Lane.
However, these weren’t your everyday street punks, as a matter of fact; they were actually the two leaders of a very powerful gang, the WAKASHII GANG. The gang was actually ranked the 2nd most powerful gang on Earth {on the crime charts}. Even though they ranked so high on the crime scale, they only consist of 24 members. So they weren’t any type of crime organization. But they could start up trouble, trouble as in robbing people, and assonating certain rich snobs. Their gang had become the 2nd most powerful ever since their clash with the Ozone gang. Since they had been leading the top of the charts for 2 months, they were expecting the Shinryu Gang, the gang ranked 1st to attack soon. Just when Wakashii was about to take another big bite out his apple, it was blown to pieces. As orange pieces flew threw the air, the sound of a pistol firing died down in echo through out the alley. Luckily, Shwakii Lane was mostly dormant during Market days. So no one heard the piercing sound of gun fire. Wakashii flung his self up from his laying position and withdrew his blade.
“So it looks like they’re finally here,” said Wakashii getting in a defensive position and sounding unhappy to be having them attack at that point. Vega jumped up and looked at the front of the alley. There, standing on the side-walk was Shinryu. He was smiling while the smoke off the pistol vanished.
“Its Gang Leisure day, why the hell are you attacking us today!” cried Wakashii who looked angry. Wakashii didn’t like being disturbed on gang leisure day. Gang Leisure day was a day that the government and the gangs of Earth both agreed on. It was probably the only thing they agreed on. It stated that gangs and police would cease all violence for a day. However, some of the tougher gangs didn’t always follow the rules.
“Shinryu gang is declaring war on the Wakashii gang! We Are Here Not Only for Territory, But Also to Prove We Are EARTH’S NUMBER ONE GANG.
“Heh, If you want all that, than you might as well start stop dreaming buddy, this is the real –deal life, we’re da’ best!” cried Vega bragging and raving like he always did.
“By the sounds and looks of it you must be Vega, and you must be Wakashii,” said Shinryu. “Nice to actually be meeting you guys.” Shinryu was moderately built and had reddish hair and purplish eyes. He wore a red robe with holographic flowers on it.
“Look if you’re here to fight, then let’s get goin’!” cried Vega balling his fist.
“Hmph, fine, oh boyz…” said Shinryu in a wandering voice. At that instant, a handful of people appeared around Shinryu, probably about 10.
“Here’s the welcoming committee…” said Wakashii in an annoyed, wondering voice.
3 of the people from behind Shinryu attacked. “Oh yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhh!” cried Vega running toward his enemies, but before Vega could get to the battlefield someone closelined him. Vega looked up to see a girl with pink hair standing over him; she also had a pink school dress on with the matching of pink eyes.
“Arghhhh! Askiry what in the world are you doing here!” cried Vega angry that she stopped him.
“Hmph, I can’t believe what you’re trying to do, if you keep this stuff up, you won’t be able to turn your life around,” said Askiry with a mad - tough essence in her voice. The 3 gang members that were approaching them stopped in there tracks and fell to the ground laughing.
“Oh, what’s wrong little Vega’s girlfriend has to save him from the bad men? HAHAHAHA!” roared one of the men that fell down in laughter.
“Um… yeah Vega maybe I should take this one,” said Wakashii looking down at Vega.
“Er… thanks…” said Vega on the ground looking up at Wakashii and scratching his head with a nice smile. Wakashii then stepped up to the plate.
“You guys ready or what!?” cried Wakashii.
The three men then stopped laughing and stood up.
“Yeah fine, we’re ready you punk!” cried the three men running towards Wakashii at top speed. Each threw one punch each.
“Hmph…” said Wakashii. Using one finger to fly threw each man. All the men fell to the ground knocked out. Wakashii moved so fast the men couldn’t dodge the attack.
“Hmmmm… nice attack,” said Shinryu. All of a sudden, the sound of a crowd up-roared, the sound of the cheers seemed to come from every direction. Wakashii looked up at the buildings above to see hundreds of people, some familiar some not cheering. As Wakashii walked back towards Vega, Vega was busy talking to the crowd.
“Yo! Toguru, remember when I single – handedly kicked your hiney!?- And what about you Kirshi!? I told you Wakashii gang is the best! HAHAHAHAHA!” cried Vega, screaming at the top of his lungs. Vega got a few return insults including “HEY, DO YOU WANT OUR CONFIDENCE OR NOT!? And then he got a piece of garbage in the face.
“Get your butt over here!” cried Wakashii pulling Vega down from the dumpster he was standing on.
“What? I just want to see all the gangs that are here that we defeated!” cried Vega in a loud annoyed voice. And then in a softer voice as if talking to his self: “Now let’s see… I know them and the ones I don’t know must be the ones Shinryu’s gang medmorized. Hey, that guy owes me money! Then in a very loud voice: HEY PAL GIMME’ MY MON…” “
“SHUT THE HECK UP!” cried Wakashii cutting Vega off, and pulling Vega over to the battle circle that Shinryu had just developed with road chalk.
“Anyways… getting back to business… I’ve decided we’ll fight in a tournament fashion,” said Shinryu looking at Wakashii and Vega.
“ Wait a minute, how come you get to decide how we fight!? EH!?” cried Vega taking a step towards Shinryu and getting in a defensive position.
“What do you not think its fair? I’m being totally honest,” said Shinryu looking at Vega with a look of truthfulness on his face.
“Hmph… since when are you Mr. Truth?” asked Wakashii looking at Shinryu with a look of disbelief on his face.
“I’ve changed quite a bit since we were children, my old friend,” said Shinryu looking at Wakashii with a look of assurance on his face.
“Hold on, wait a minute O.K.? You know this guy? How? I thought you said you couldn’t remember your past?” said Vega looking at Wakashii in semi-shock mode.
“I lied…” said Wakashii looking down at the ground with his eyes closed.
“O.K., if you two are finished fighting, I’ll be happy to start this thing…” said Shinryu folding his arms with a look of boredom on his face.
“START DA’ FIGHT! START DA’ FIGHT! START…” cried the crowd reiterating their selves over and over again.
“Hmmm… Sazukii, you fight first…” said Shinryu looking over at the man and then throwing his head toward the battle circle.
“Emmm… with pleasure Master Shinryu,” said Sazukii in a grand hardy voice walking towards the circle.
“So… which of you boys wants to take me on eh…?” asked Sazukii looking at Wakashii and then Vega.
“But… I can assure it won’t matter much I can tell you that right now, I’ll destroy neither one of you…HAHAHAHAAA!” cried Sazukii.
“Oh… great another trash talker… just what I need another Vega…” said Wakashii to himself. “I’ll go first Vega!” cried Wakashii running onto the battle field. The last thing Wakashii wanted was 2 trash-talking Vegas fighting each other. So he knocked Vega down.
“Nah… I think I can take of this,” said Wakashii running towards the battle field.
“No! Err, now that you’ve taken my place you’d better win” cried Vega.
“I’ll do my best…”called Wakashii from the battle circle.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Infini   The Legend of Infini Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 10:22 am

The Legend of Ifini: PART 3

The First Standoff and the Second Standoff!!!
“So, you’re the little punk I have to crush!” cried Sazukii.
“Yeah… what ever buddy,” said Wakashii folding his arms.
“Whoa, the little punk is gettin’ serious! I better be on the guard HaHAA!” cried Sazukii with a mighty laugh. Then Vega gathered some old musty boxes and stood on top of them. Then he gathered everyone’s attention.
“Ladies and Gang bangers, Boys and girls and what ever Askiry is… a goody…goody… this is the match you’ve been waiting for…Sazukii vs. Wakashii!” cried Vega throwing his hands up and yelling with all his might. “YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” came from the crowd.
“Well, I might as well START THE CRUSHING!” cried Sazukii rushing in on Wakashii throwing a strong punch… Dodge Bam! Sazukii fell to the ground. Wakashii was now positioned behind Sazukii. His finger that had struck Sazukii on his back still sticking out firmly. “Whoa! How’d he do that?” “I don’t know I ain’t even see em’ move!” “BWABWABWABWABWA” cried the crowd that watched from the buildings above.
“Hmph… I hope you have stronger warriors than this Shinryu, because if you don’t, hmph let’s just say you’re wasting my time and I don’t like wasting time buddy,” said Wakashii in a stern voice walking back over to his side of the battle circle.
“You’ll just have to wait and see…” said Shinryu looking over at Wakashii.Then Vega ran into the battle circle.
“It’s time for your master Vega to start his fight Yeah!” cried Vega walking into the battle field. The air was filled with the cheering of the crowd as Vega walked onto the circle with his arms up cheering: “Oh Yeah You betta’ cheer! Fo Yo MASTA!” cried Vega.
“Hmph, Hyromi why how ‘bout you take care of this…” said Shinryu, looking at Hyromi with a look of question on his face.
“With pleasure Master Shinryu! HAHAHA!” cried Hyromi cracking his knuckles and laughing confidently. Gigantic cheers echoed throughout the alley way.
“Beat this punk to a pulp!” “Yeah no mercy!” Do It Hyromi!” cried People from Shinryu’s side of the crowd.
“Don’t listen to em’ Vega!” “Yeah you can do it we believe in you!” “Don’t let em’ mess up your cute face Vega!” cried girls from Wakashii and Vega’s corner. The groups seemed to have split into to 2 groups, one side of spectators for Shinryu, one for Wakashii.
“Finally, battle time for Vega!” cried Vega running quickly on to the battle circle. Then he saw Hyromi walk out of the mass of gang members, he was extremely muscular and wore a T-shirt that looked like it was about to rip off his body. He also wore green pants with a black belt with a gold buckle, and some black boots.
“Well… I certainly hit the jack pot getting this guy… KKEEEEEEIHHHHH…,”cried Vega immediately swamping to the ground.
More cheers and rude remarks came from the crowd over head. “Come on Hyromi, kick this losers butt!” cried a man who was definitely all for the Shinryu gang.
“Vega! You’d better not do this, think about it! You’re about to make the worst decision in your life and trust me after all of the stupid decision you’ve made, that means this one is real bad!” cried Askiry folding her arms and getting very enraged mood.
“Oh come Vega are you actually gonna’ listen to this goody-goody?!” asked Wakashii looking at Vega with dis-belief in his face.
“Yeah right! Askiry you’d of better start paying attention, this is my life, there is no turn around for me, this is the life I want!” cried Vega walking over to Hyromi and getting ready for his first battle.
“All right you little shrimp, let’s start this fight!” cried Hyromi firing his self up.
“O.K. Vega, he’s a big slow idiot, and you’re a fast little warrior,” said Vega quietly to himself trying to get his usual confidence and arrogance back online.
“Heh, don’t worry, I’ll finish this as quickly and painfully as I can!” said Hyromi putting his knuckles together and laughing his rusty laugh.
“Gee... thanks, I don’t know what to say...”said Vega even more nervous.
“Alright ‘mister sense of humor’, lets go!” cried Hyromi getting ready to fight!” cried Hyromi getting ready to charge Vega. Vega did the same.
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Red Blaze
Red Blaze

Number of posts : 24
Age : 25
Location : Your girlfriends bedroom
Registration date : 2008-07-08

The Legend of Infini Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Infini   The Legend of Infini Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 10:23 am

The Legend of Infini: PART 4

Too Fast or Too Slow?
Hyromi struck first lunging straight at Vega and throwing a powerful punch at Vega. Vega dodged the attack without using much effort.
“You’re to slow...SLOWPOKE...SLOWPOKE!” cried Vega doing a goofy dance.
“Hmph...” replied Hyromi not turning to meet Vega’s stupid face but smiling with his eyes closed still crouched on the ground with his hand still balled into a fist. He then leapt to his feet a few feet from where he was crouching just a few seconds ago. There in the ground was a hole about 2ft deep.
“What... I can’t believe this guy is actually dangerous!” said Vega taking on a new serious expression and getting in his best offensive stance.
“O.K., here is when things should get really serious,” said Shinryu in his mind laughing his head off out loud.
“What are you laughing about!?” cried Wakashii looking at Shinryu from his side of the battle circle.
“Oh nothing,” answered Shinryu stopping his laughter and getting his focus back on the battle.
“You’re way slow buddy, if you want to beat me; I hope you’ve got one of them speed-O tablets HAHAHA!” cried Vega laughing as loud as he could.
“Not to ruin your moment Vega, but that was the worst joke I have ever heard,” said Wakashii chuckling to him self and shaking his head, his arms still oooooed.
“Ya’ know Wakashii, to me it really did seem like you were trying to ruin my moment,” said Vega sourly, looking back at Wakashii with a look of disgust on his face.
“Oh sorry...” replied Wakashii snickering lightly.
“Your buddy is right your jokes are sour, AARRGGGHHHHHHH!” cried Hyromi charging Vega a second time. Again Vega dodged Hyromi’s powerful punching attack. However, this time Vega counter attacked. BAM! Hyromi went flying through the air his body flipping and flinging through the air like a football that didn’t have a good spiral in it when it was thrown. Then he crashed into the street and slid into a pile of old crates. As the dust that came floating out of the old boxes went skyward, the crowd let out a big sound of cheers, some of their voices negative comments, some positive.
“YEAH HYROMI I KNOW YOU AREN’T GONNA’ LOSE THIS EASILY!” cried out a woman’s voice. Then from Vega’s side:
“YEAH VEGA KICK THAT MUSCLE HEAD’S HINEY!” cried one of many of Vega’s FEMALE admirers. Many more voices and comments similar to this were heard.
“OH YEAH I’M THE VICTOR OF THIS MATCH! YOUR FAVORITE FITA! MY FRIENDS, VEGA HAS WON THIS MATCH! HAHAHAAA... WHAT DA’” Vega didn’t any time to do anything. BAM! Vega was hit by one of Hyromi’s powerful punches and knocked into the hard, damp brick wall of one of the alley ways buildings. Vega slid down the wall slowly.
“Vega NO!” cried Askiry her eyes watering. Vega quickly regrouped his self and stood up to see that Hyromi was perfectly fine he still had h his grizzly smile on his face.
“That hit hurt pretty badly but I want to know about you, how bad did my punch hurt you? Heh...” asked Hyromi snickering.
“Think about music for a sec. FORTTISSIMO which means very loud in Italian so, adapt that to pain and ya’ got your answer. In other words, it hurt a lot! And I’m not happy about it, oh may I add that’s bad for you?” said Vega a rock stern – look on his face.
“Vega being really serious? Man, this match could get good...” said Wakashii becoming even more attached to the fight. Vega paid no attention to Wakashii his views fully set on Hyromi.
“Oh sorry I ain’t know this was a music theory related thing. Ya’ know that class was one of the main reasons I dropped out of school. Oh, and I hope I’m not getting on your bad side,” cried Hyromi.
“Let’s just get this...” Vega didn’t get to finish his sentence; Hyromi had already rushed up and punched Vega in the stomach. Then Hyromi started punching Vega in his stomach and face and every where else imaginable. Basically Hyromi was hitting Vega with an unlimited chain of randomly placed punches. Some punches hit his face, some his chest, some his stomach. To make the matters worse, Hyromi was barraging Vega with several punches per second. Each punch hitting in quick succession so the next could pound into the already ruffed-up Vega.
“Man, this definitely isn’t good, Hyromi is just plain out maneuvering Vega,” said Wakashii calmly.
“Do something Wakashii!” cried Askiry starting to break out to a uncontrollable cry.
“Sorry Askiry, but I can’t interfere, it’s a rule”
“Oh some rule Hugh?” cried Askiry still holding her cry but all so powering it up.
“YEAH HYROMI KEEP IT UP! FINISH THAT PUNK!” “YEAH I KNEW HYROMI COULDN’T LOSE TO THIS PIMPSQUEK!” all of these comments just came flooding through the air from Shinryu’s side of the crowd. Then to take out Hyromi’s full potential: “KLOBBER HIM KLOBBER HIM KLOBE....” and it went on and on as Hyromi just kept on pounding harder and harder and his punches were picking up efficiency and accuracy + speed. Shinryu seemed pretty satisfied by the whole thing. He just sat with a happy snug look on his face.
“Man... let’s see how Vega gets his self out this one,” said Wakashii sounding almost uncaring about what was happening to Vega.
“What! How can you be so callous? He could die you know!?” cried Askiry emotion and tears flying from her mouth and eyes. Askiry then fell to the concrete letting out all of the misery and stress she had built up. Her cries out-blasted the spectator’s voices and grabbed their attention. All of a sudden a gigantic pink energy aura sprouted from her body. Everyone watched, Hyromi almost lost his grip on Vega. As Askiry’s cries grew louder, her aura did too. Finally it died down into nothingness. A little shockwave of an about 3mph wind came off the sudden energy flare. Hyromi still stayed focused on his attack and soon he was back to his full punching power. After a few moments, everyone’s attention was back on the appearingly 1-way fight.
“Truly, I’m sorry Askiry” – said Wakashii keeping his eyes on the brutal battle – “But He’s 17, he must find his own solutions to his problems, no matter how much of a baby he acts like, he’s practically a grown man. I can’t just help him through every little problem he has ya’ know? Now listen please Askiry” – said Wakashii more intently but still in a piano (soft) voice. And then grabbing Askiry’s arm and putting his face very close to hers, stopping almost all of her bodily functions. Wakashii stared intently into Askiry’s face and Askiry stared back, her large pink eyes still watering. – “Now listen we are ranked 2nd most powerful gang on the whole entire planet. You new it was gonna’ be like this, Vega did, and I did, everyone did. We all new we were gonna’ take a hit, so just wait it out,” said Wakashii calmly, still keeping his arm around Askiry but also looking back at the fight.
While Vega was in the barrage of punches throughout all the aching pain while he was still stuck air borne from Hyromi’s squall of punches, Vega started thinking: “Think Vega this guy must have some weakness but what could it wait! Why didn’t I see it earlier!” cried Vega in his mind bracing his self as Hyromi reached the climax of his attack. Finally, Hyromi stopped throwing his quick chain attack and with all his might punched Vega in his stomach. As Hyromi kept pushing his fist deeper and deeper, Vega coughed up more and – well, even more blood and saliva and... other unidentified bodily fluids from Hyromi’s powerful blow. Then Hyromi let up on his punches and reared back on his left foot as if preparing for something.
“Vulcan Kick!” cried Hyromi energetically. The foot he had suspended in the air then started glowing a bright orange – red. Then after the orange – red aura on his foot had built up enough energy, Hyromi brought his glowing foot around Vega’s face. Vega’s saliva flew from his mouth to the side of the two men. Then, all this happening in a split second, Hyromi kicked Vega again with his second foot to send Vega air – born to a rusted old car. Vega crashed into the car with a BANG.
“Vega, no VEGAAAAAAAAA!” cried Askiry starting her crying act all over again. It was looking pretty bad for Vega.
“No... shoot Vega, he’d of better not lose!” cried Wakashii worried about his honor. The crowd then unleashed more cheers. “It’s O – V – E – R OVER!” cried a man in Shinryu’s crowd happy it was supposedly over.
“Oh yeeaahhh GO HYROMI GO!” cried another Shinryu – person.
“NO! VEGA YOU HAVE TO WIN THIS, DON’T BE DEAD, DON’T BE! PLEASE!” cried a girl in Wakashii’s crowd she was obviously one of those girls obsessed with Vega. Hyromi kept his eyes on where he had knocked Vega.
“Hmph that idiot is probably over there in that pile of crap dead! HEE HAAA!” cried Hyromi walking away and laughing tediously. Then all of a sudden a gigantic piece of metal barely missed Hyromi’s head as it went on its path towards where ever it was headed... Hyromi spun around with a grunt to see a very damaged and injured Vega standing next to the now even more junked car. Vega looked like he had been ruffed up quite a bit. He had tons of scratches all over his body, two severe. One arm looked broken, since Vega was nursing it with his other also damaged arm. Both his ribs were probably broken, opening up a big weak spot. Things didn’t look so well for Vega.
“Heh, well what do you know? You actually survived, that surprises me...” said Hyromi laughing a little.
“You...You cou...llddnn’t of expected me to lose that easily could you?” said Vega, fumbling with his sentence with all the damage he’d taken. All of a sudden the crowd started up again.
“You know, if you were smart you would of stayed your little but down there,” said Hyromi preparing for a final attack.
“Give it up Vega, are you trying to get your self killed?!” cried Wakashii now actually concerned with Vega.
“Hmph now that I your cheap little technique I can take you down,” said Vega.
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The Legend of Infini: PART 5

“Heh, kid I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about!” replied Hyromi now all of a sudden in a more nervous state.
“Sure you do!” cried Vega putting a smile to his face and getting back some of his lost confidence.
“NO! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HOW COULD THIS PUNK FIGURE OUT MY TECHNIQUE!” cried Hyromi in his mind, his expression on his face was basically an open book to what he was thinking.
“HMPH, I know your little technique, and it’s called “SPEED DEMON”, it allows you to copy my speed if I move more than 3X faster than you and hit you. Then it multiplies that speed you’ve already accumulated by 20. That’s why I couldn’t dodge any of your attacks, and that’s why you kicked my but! I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier, it’s the ultimate slow man attack. ” said Vega knowingly and trying to prepare his self for the upcoming events. Hyromi then lost his look of nervousness and his face returned to its normal hardy expression. Then Hyromi started to clap.
“Nice job, you did your homework, but here’s the conclusion of today’s class, YOU FAIL! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!” cried Hyromi letting out a greedy uncaring laugh.
“You know what they say, It’s not over til’ Vega punches Hyromi’s face in!” cried Vega letting off a small snicker from his very damaged mouth, his teeth were coated in blood.
“Besides I’ve got energy for... one ....more ATTACK!” cried Vega getting ready for an attack. Everyone watched as Vega readied his body for one last attack.
“WHAT DOES IT MATTER!? YOU’RE JUST GONNA MAKE ME FASTER!” cried Hyromi bracing him self for the attack. All in the spectators watched not knowing what Vega was thinking of doing, including Wakashii and Shinryu.
“I KNOW!” cried Vega charging at Hyromi at his max his body could take. Since Vega was so damaged, he couldn’t really go his fastest but he was O.K.
BAM! Hyromi went flying throughout the air then he crashed into the ground, his body rolling around like a top. The crowd then started up again. “VEGA YOU IDIOT! YOU JUST DUG YOUR GRAVE EVEN DEEPER!” cried a Shinryu – follower. “I CAN’T BELIEVE HE IS SO STUPID!” cried a girl in a weird suite that had a red nose on it and it had purple skin on it. It red “GO SHINRYUDAN’S!” Vega saw her looked right at her. It got very quiet as Vega’s expression got very serious and he prepared to speak everyone listened.
“MAN! YOU GUYS HAVE YOUR OWN MASCOT! COOL! UHHH.... WAKASHII, after this we have to get one of those things!” cried Vega eccentrically. RIGHT AT THAT INSTANT EVERYONE COLLASPED TO THE GROUND.
“Man, Vega... you sure do know how to relax in tight moments don’t you!?” said Wakashii, still on the ground. After that, everyone got back up and looked at Hyromi still on the ground. Just then Hyromi flipped up from the ground and zoomed straight towards Vega preparing to attack. Vega stood watching helplessly as Hyromi approached him. Then, as if a miracle Hyromi slammed to the ground his body oooooooo in different directions as if he were a flexi – mutant. Everyone watched in semi – shock looking at the damaged Hyromi. It got real quiet.
“How... How did you do that..?” asked Hyromi, fighting to stay alive so he could here the answer to his question
“Hmph... I guess I should probably hurry up and answer since you’re about to die, O.K. to make a long story short I knew you were going to let me attack you so you could get faster and finish me off. So I pulled all my energy together and focused on that one attack. I moved probably 8X as fast as you at that point. So your bodies speed potential went even higher. Unfortunately, after you hit the ground, you got up and charged me way to fast not giving your body enough time to get use to it’s new speed, sooo.... your body basically crippled from all the pressure you put on it!” said Vega happy to explain his strategy to the downed Hyromi. And with a surprised look on his face, Hyromi gave up and died.
“Whoaaa... that was a wild, wild fight...” said Vega barely able to stand up.
“VEGA ARE YOU ALRIGHT!” cried Askiry running towards the battle circle and hugging Vega tightly. Though her tight hug put pressure on Vega’s wound and it hurt like the devil, Vega being his normal self had to get Askiry off of him by doing something jerkish, instead of crying out in pain. So, he put his hand up her school skirt. “I’ll survive...” BAM! Vega went flying into a pile of old decayed board – planks.
“Hmph, JERK I HOPE IT HURT!” cried Askiry holding her skirt down. This started more commotion from the crowd but mostly laughter. Vega jumped up.
“OUCHH! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO KILL ME!? I’M ALREADY 75% THE WAY DEAD!” cried Vega, then falling forward onto the cold hard street.
“I’m not even sorry, how could you do such a thing!” cried Askiry angrily.
“I’m sorry mommy... eeiigghhhhhhhh (Vega going unconscious).
“Huh?” said Askiry looking over at Vega. He was out – cold.
“Oh great... Vega’s definitely out for good, now I have to fight 1 more extra person to fight... just what I need, more work,” said Wakashii getting angry at the amount of work he was coming upon.
“Well Wakashii, you’d better get another fighter up here...” said Shinryu looking at the fallen Vega. Then Shinryu ordered his men to dispose of Hyromi’s body. Wakashii jogged over to Vega.
“Hey buddy, I’m gonna’ have to send you back to HQ,” said Wakashii softly.
“No, yeah ... right ..., I’m not going back,” said Vega hardly able to speak.
“Yeah right, you’ll never be able to stand up Vega you have to go back,” cried Wakashii staring down at Vega. Vega tried to stand up, but in a few seconds, he was back down on the ground.
“All right, Askiry, carry Vega here to the HQ. When you get there, don’t you dare tell those imbeciles, that the Shinryu gang is here, and then you come back. Askiry nodded and slowly trotted over to Vega and lifted him uneasily and started off, walking back through the alley, toward its end. After seeing Askiry disappear into the darkness of the alley, Wakashii turned his attention back to Shinryu.
“Well, who is going to go next?” said Wakashii oooooing his arms.
“THAT’D BE ME!” cried a man in a ninja suit. The suit was black and had a small eye slot on the head mask, but it looked cheesy. Wakashii snickered.
“What are you laughing about!” cried the man angrily.
“Oh... nothing it’s just that ya’ know I ain’t know it was boot – leg Halloween day!” cried Wakashii his snickers continuing.
“You! Don’t make me angry!” cried the man.
“Pssst... where’d you get that thing the dollar store? NAH... I THINK YOUR MOMA MADE IT!” cried Wakashii now starting to laugh. Then to make it worst a majority of the crowd started laughing too. The man in the ninja suite grew even angrier.
“That’s it! No one upsets ME!” cried the man. Then his body started making weird noises and the man’s eyes started getting bulgy and he started making trifling noises, as if he were dying.
“What’s wrong, you offended by my mean jokes?” said Wakashii in a baby voice. Just then the man’s body SPLIT INTO TWO!!! Then it formed 2 different separate men! Everyone gasped when they saw it.
“What da’!!!” cried Wakashii looking at the... uh things... The 2 men looked very identical, same body, eyes, everything. Wakashii quickly figured the punk’s trick out.
“You know, you’ve actually took some time to learn the “PERSONALITY SWITCH TECHNOQUE” said Wakashii looking at the 2 men. The men then got a surprised look on their faces.
“Well, you know quite a bit more about the arts of martial arts than I thought you knew,” said the 2 men in a perfect duo.
“Yeah well you know this is called the Wakashii gang...” complied Wakashii looking at the 2 goons. Shinryu then came forward to the edge of the battle circle.
“Well, since I said I would be fair, I’ll tell you right now; this is going to be your last match - since this man has split into two, he counts as 2 warriors,” he said looking at Wakashii patiently. Meanwhile, Askiry had carried Vega all the way to the dark and slimy end of the alley. It was here where the HQ was well – hidden. Since Askiry was used to going to the HQ she knew exactly what to do. Exhausted, she laid Vega on a pile of boxes. Then she found the stick that was used to open the door to the HQ. She picked up the stick and banged it against the gigantic metallic pole in front of her. Quickly the wide silver pole opened. Askiry then lifted Vega from the boxes and walked inside the pole. The pole was actually an elevator. Once inside, Askiry put Vega down onto the corner of the small room. Instantly the door of the elevator slammed shut rocketed down – ward. Askiry ooooooood to stand her ground as the elevator rushed downward. Then it came to a sudden stop throwing Askiry down to the ground. The doors flew open, showing the lobby room of the HQ, it had 4 plants on the corners of the room forming a perfect square, and the walls were dark blue and made of carpet, same went for the ceiling and the floor. To the opposite side of the elevator was a mega – ton black blast locked door, which had a small eye slot on it. Askiry quickly stepped out of the elevator, dragging Vega; she was too tired to carry Vega anymore. Hurriedly she rested Vega on the ground and banged on the door as hard as she could.
“Let me in!!!!! Let me in!!!!!!!” she cried, suddenly a voice replied, a stupid idiotic voice.
“Who goes there!?” said the dumb obviously male voice. Askiry wasted no time answering.
“It’s Askiry let me in!!!” She cried very anxious to get inside the HQ. But again the voice did not approve.
“YOU!!! ASKIRY ALL ALONE!? MASTER WAKASHII TOLD ME NEVER TO LET IN A GOODY – GOODY LIKE YOU!!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!” cried the voice coldly. Askiry then grew angry and balled her fist up, a small growl started to emanate from her. The eye slot on the door opened quickly and frantic eyes peeked out. Then Askiry gripped all the anger in her body to make one mighty yell.
"You IDIOT Vega Is dyinig now let me in!"she cried banging on the door angrily.
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The Legend of Infini
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